Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well Here I am!

What a glorious day, Just woke up from a 4 hour nap --- GLORY TO GOD!
Today I woke up with the team, Christina Williams (Pastor here that I'm staying with!) came and met us for the breakfast of campions (Mickey D's) and then I said goodbye to the team and my hubby! Came here for a hot shower and went to Church! 

Grady and Christina Williams Pastor a church here in Orange County caller Water brook Foursquare. It was a fabulous service this morning, the family here were amazing! I felt a little white though... ha ha the worship was a BLAST!  An amazing message of heaven realities and living in who God is and what God has said. It was great. I then went to the Kernel - which is Grandma speak for KFC! I have found another grandma... Christina and Grady care of Christina's mom in their home to today I helped her get to church with another amazing man who attends their church who's ministry is to pic up grandma every sunday! So sweet. Anyway Grandma is amazing... what an woman of God! Got some KFC, headed up to my room and with book and popcorn chicken in lap I feel asleep! Curled in and had a four hour nap! What an amazing start to holidays! Thank you Lord for this week!

The Team is headed back they are making great time to far, people are learning to use the stops they have properly... ha ha, Hit some decent snow already but all is good. We have all been stretched this last week and I want to blog more about the trip later, once my brain starts to function again! Love you all at home, k

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Naomi said...

Enjoy your holidays! We will miss you tonight! See you soon......